Wright County Government Center

Posted on August 19, 2020 by Rick Girard

Buffalo, MN

Contractor:  Contegrity Group, Inc.

Architect |  Engineer: BKV Group


Construction continues in Wright County, currently Wells is working on the Government Center, with four stories and approximately 200,000 sf new construction. The government center building will house various County departments including a driver’s license center, board room, health and human services and land records.  Wells recently completed work on the County’s Justice Center

For this project, Wells produced and erected over 50,000 sq. ft. of precast. Precast components included insulated and structural architectural wall panels boasting acid etch and sandblast, with two different mix designs with two different finishes to match the existing buildings on campus.

Creating an imposing, stately appearance that reflects well on the city, state, or federal government while conveying an institutional function is important to owners and design teams.  Architectural precast concrete wall panels provide a solution with its use of colors, textures, reveals, finishes, formliners, or thinbrick insets to match any needed design style. City emblems, names, and other aesthetic touches can be added to edifices to create imposing, unique elements.

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Providing a low-maintenance façade that will be easy to fit into the operations budget for the life of the project is important to this same audience. Precast concrete’s factory-controlled fabrication ensures consistency between panels and colorfastness in all mixtures to ensure no fading or inconsistencies in color. Minimized joints, compared with brick or block construction, require less maintenance throughout the building’s life.

Institutional and public buildings of all types require a strong, impressive façade to project the proper image to employees, visitors, and the general public. This need remains constant, whether these facilities are used for education, adjudication, administration, imprisonment, or worship services. But they must achieve that look, and all their functional needs, on tight budgets that impress the public with economic stewardship. Achieving that balance, while meeting many other individual challenges, can be accomplished with precast concrete components in a variety of ways.

Drone Gives Bird’s Eye View of Justice Center, Government Center Construction : Wright County has released a video showing the progress on the construction of the Justice Center and new Government Center outside of Buffalo. The view is from a drone camera that circles the project to show both buildings taking shape. The Justice Center is expected to be completed with move-in starting this fall. The Government Center is expected for occupancy Oct. 1, 2021.



Sq Ft

Wall – Architectural Insulated



Wall – Architectural Solid






For more information on this project, please contact Rick Girard, LEED AP.