New Utah Manufacturing Building

Posted on April 13, 2021 by Jenny Frost

Bear River City, UT

Contractor: JE Dunn - Atlanta
Architect/Engineer: Gresham Smith

ProctorGambleFAM_03A Cincinnati-based maker of consumer goods is investing $310 million to expand a manufacturing plant in Utah, creating up to 221 jobs there over the next 20 years.  The expansion of the plant in the Bear River City area is expected to generate more than $13.9 million in new tax revenue and new wages of more than $375 million over 20 years.

The Baby & Family Care plant currently has a workforce of about 240 employees. In addition to paper towels, the plant makes toilet paper, and diapers.

In 2018, the manufacturer completed an earlier expansion of the plant 67 miles north of Salt Lake City and encompassed 600,000 square feet on 750 acres when it opened in 2011. The plant is next to a 400,000-square-foot distribution center that opened in 2010. Total cost of the facilities at that time was reportedly $300 million.

Now, “our expansion is a result of consumer and customer demand, and we couldn’t be more pleased to meet that demand with the excellent workforce of Box Elder County,” said Joe Tomon, plant manager of the facility in Box Elder County.

ProctorGambleFAM_01 ProctorGambleFAM_04 ProctorGambleFAM_06

The design for the manufacturing plant, included 130,000 sq. ft. of precast concrete produced and erected by Wells. The owner and design team chose load bearing insulated and solid precast concrete panels to avoid weather delays during construction, enclose the building faster, and to take advantage of the superior structural advantages.

In addition, the use of double tees, columns and beams for additional structural support improved the overall job schedule and reduced the number of trades on site.


Sq. Ft.



560 ln ft


Double Tee



Insulated Wall Panel



Invert Beam

499 ln ft


Solid Wall Panel







As owners look to provide easy support options for HVAC and processing equipment.  Precast concrete panels can carry the structural load of the roof system, reducing costs and expediting construction while creating large, open interiors. Precast concrete roof systems can be used to support mechanical equipment.

Safe, cost effective and faster construction. For any new manufacturing plant, the ultimate objective is quality, safety, and efficiency. Wells’ precast, prestressed building solutions require less maintenance, withstand the stresses of shifting environmental conditions and can even help lower construction costs, benefits traditional building materials can’t match.

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