Minneapolis Bus Garage

Posted on March 24, 2021 by Jenny Frost

Contractor: Bus Garage Builders
Architect/Engineer: LHB
Owner: Metropolitan Council / Metro Transit

This new bus operating and maintenance garage serves approximately 220 buses (186 operating buses) and is in downtown Minneapolis, MN.


This project involves the construction of a new 657,970 SF facility on an 11-acre site and includes bus maintenance, fueling, washing, bus parking, administrative offices, and covered employee parking. The facility will be designed to B3 guidelines.

The total precast concrete system used for this project expedites construction and offers single-source responsibility from the precaster, saving costs throughout the construction process.

Wells is currently in week 13 of 35 installing precast components for this project. Prefabrication totals 3,045 pieces, including 29,840 LF of beams and columns, 563,763 SF of double tees, 3,185 SF of solid slabs, 82,220 SF of architectural wall panels, and 16,620 SF of solid wall panels. The architectural wall panels boast a mix of sandblast and acid etch finishes.


In an even of an emergency, the city's equipment is essential to quick recovery. Buildings constructed with precast are fire, weather, and blast resistant, energy efficient and have low maintenance, cutting down on upkeep costs and protecting against damage.

For more information on this project, please contact Jace Rossow.