Miners Event Center

Posted on March 16, 2021 by Jenny Frost

Virginia, MN


Contractor: Kraus-Anderson Construction

Architect: DSGW Architects

Engineer: Northland Consulting Engineers L.L.P.

Owner: City of Virginia


The City of Virginia, MN is renovating and reconstructing the current Miners Memorial Facility into the Miners Event and Convention Center (the “MECC”) - a 144,000 sq.ft. Event and Convention Center. The MECC will be a game changing facility in Virginia and the region; not only providing an upgrade in the hockey and ice sport facilities and programming but also in providing fitness space and facilities for the health and wellness of the community and in providing state of the art convention center meeting and function space not currently available in the region. 


MinersEventCenterCollage_02 MinersEventCenterCollage_01


Wells set the last of the precast wall panels needed for this project in December 2020 with more than 80,000 sq. ft. of precast members in total.  Wells installed the exterior wall panels at the West Arena and East side stadia. This completion allowed for heat in two areas of the building to help other trades move forward.  Well’s finished setting the walls at the Convention Center portion of the building and the North end of the building at the Mechanical area in early December 2020. November 2020, Wells finished setting precast walls and plank in the secondary arena and the lobby and Convention Center.



The exterior architectural insulated wall panels showcased a beautiful mix of acid etch, waterwash and sandblast finishes.  Beams, columns, stadia, structural wall panels and raker beams were also used to complete the precast construction phase of the project.


The versatility, efficiency, and resiliency of precast helps convention and meeting facilities function as intended. Precast’s versatility allows designers to create spaces that are both functional and versatile to meet the varying needs of clients. Precast’s strength and structural versatility allows for large open spaces for networking and tradeshows. Precast is also and very good sound insulator helping provide noise control.


With rapid year-round construction capabilities, no on-site storage of materials and renowned design flexibility, Wells continues to lead the way in innovation with the use of precast products in entertainment venue construction.


For more information on this project, please contact Rick Ostgard.