Maple River K-12 Schools

Posted on May 4, 2021 by Jenny Frost

Lakeville, MN

Contractor: Kraus-Anderson Construction
Architect/Engineer: ISG
Owner: Maple River Public Schools

Precast Construction continues at the Maple River School in Southern Minnesota.

Precast makes the grade for architectural and structural solutions on the new $63 million K-12 school for the Maple River School District is in southern Minnesota. The centralized campus has balanced classroom sizes and equal access to resources and support. The improved learning environment enhances students’ interactive, collaborative, and social learning experience and prepares them for the changing workforce.  In addition, students, staff, and community members will benefit from improved air quality, accessibility, and safety with a modern-day learning environment.

The campus features a two-story, 185,000-square-foot school with new classrooms, administration offices, three gymnasiums, playgrounds, kitchen, cafe, and 500-seat auditorium.  The learning spaces will be organized around an elementary wing that includes early childhood classrooms and a separate middle/high school wing that includes ag science and career and tech classrooms.  Outdoor spaces will include new parking lots, retention ponds, walking paths and playfields for outdoor learning programs for all students.

MapleRiverK-12_NewsPost01 MapleRiverK-12_NewsPost02

For this total precast project, Wells installed and erected nearly 1,500 precast pieces.  Wells used a variety of precast components for this project, for a complete building envelope with a synergy that produces unmatched advantages — in total cost effectiveness, reduced construction time and improved quality and durability. A school building designed from the start with a precast building system provides the best design possible.

The façade includes a mix of acid etch, sandblast, polish, and cast in thin brick on more than 470 architectural wall panels.  Double tees, structural wall panels, beams, columns, and hollowcore plank support the interior side of the project while the stadia seating awaits spectators for the first school event.


Sq. Ft.


Beam - Inverted Tee



Beam - Rectangular



Beam- Ledge



Column - Haunch



Column - Stick



Double Tee



Stadia - Single Rise



Wall – Architectural Insulated



Wall – Architectural Solid



Wall – Structural Insulated



Wall – Structural Solid









As the children of Baby Boomers grow up, school districts nationwide need to expand learning facilities. Often, these needs must be met rapidly, as budget and approval processes don’t consider that school doors must open when the school bell rings each fall — or summer. Being one-month late is not an option.

MapleRiverK-12_NewsPost03To meet this, fast-track need while providing a variety of other key benefits, more schools are being designed using architectural and structural precast, prestressed concrete components as shown on this project.

Designers also are using precast concrete modular systems to create finished spaces even quicker. These projects — featuring precast ceilings, walls, and floors — are delivered to the site and simply connected.

Precast concrete provides low on-going costs for maintenance, repair and other needs that add material and labor costs. Generally, precast concrete components, even those exposed to weather, require little maintenance. A regular inspection and routine re-caulking of cladding panels every 15 to 20 years is all that may typically be required.

Panels can be washed with strong chemicals and cleaners without losing their color, and UV rays will not cause them to fade, as will happen with paint.

Construction is slated for completion in fall 2022.

This school serves students in the rural communities of Amboy, Good Thunder, Mapleton and Minnesota Lake, Minnesota, the extensive project is part of a long-range facilities plan funded by a $63.3 million bond referendum passed in February 2020.

Check out this progress drone video 4/18/21

For more information on this project, please contact Jace Rossow.