Announcing Infinite Facade - A Complete Building Envelope System

Posted on June 23, 2020 by Jenny Frost


Infinite Facade extends the benefits of a single source for a complete building envelope system to owners and design-build teams in markets across the U.S.

June 24, 2020 | ALBANY, MN –Wells Concrete and Clark Pacific today announced a partnership to form Facades Consortium Group LLC and the nationwide availability of Infinite Facade, a complete prefabricated building envelope system and single-source solution that simplifies building envelope design. Driven by increasing demand for lightweight wall panel systems, the partnership will accelerate the research, development and evolution of the Infinite Facade system.

The building envelope is one of the most complex aspects of design due to code requirements and coordination with multiple trades. Infinite Facade solves these issues with a standard frame and connections that meet and, in some cases, exceed CA Title 24, water, vapor, sound and fire code requirements while also giving architects and designers the flexibility to focus on aesthetics. With a single source for the complete system, including windows, Infinite Facade eliminates the need for coordination across multiple trades and gives owners the simplicity of working with one provider to manage warranties.

“We are excited to partner with Wells Concrete to form the Facades Consortium Group and through our shared vision, bring to market a single source for state of the art, standardized systems that redefine how owners, developers and design teams approach the building envelope,” said Tom Anderson, general manager of facades at Clark Pacific. “We’ve had incredible feedback from architects, developers and owners on the West Coast and are looking forward to bringing the same value to projects in other parts of the country.”

Infinite Facade paves the way for owners and design-build teams to take advantage of prefabricated systems to reduce costs, increase efficiency and lower risk, without compromising design. Comprised of multiple design categories, the system offers flexibility to achieve project requirements, aesthetics and budget certainty.

“Our partnership with Clark Pacific further strengthens our commitment to innovation and delivering a high quality, leading edge building envelope system,” said Dave Holsteen, vice president of product development at Wells Concrete. “The Infinite Facade is a game changer and our company’s reach will help bring the incredible benefits of an innovative, one-of-a-kind complete building envelope system to architects and developers in new markets.”

Infinite Facade is available now through Wells Concrete or Clark Pacific. The Consortium will continue evolving its complete envelope systems to provide added value to owners and design teams and enhance its product portfolio with additional finish offerings and window solutions in late 2020. For more information, click here.