Thin Brick precast panels – a fad on the rise!

Posted on November 2, 2020

As many of you in the design community are getting more and more familiar with some of the new façade options for arch precast panels you are undoubtedly being exposed to the use of cast in thin brick inlays!  These ½” thick pieces of extruded clay product are growing in popularity at an exciting and incredible rate.  The ability to achieve the look of field laid masonry with the cost savings and installation speed of precast panels is a solution that is very appealing to designer and owner alike!

There are several considerations to account for when looking at using thin brick in precast wall panels.  Starting with the size of the thin brick, type of bond desired, what are your door and window openings going to look like.  How to detail and develop corners with thin brick is highly driven by aesthetic choice.  And because wall panels have fixed widths you need to evaluate each panel and how the brick coursing will fit within a given panel.  We are seeing more and more masonry manufacturers start to produce thin brick as one of their primary product options.  As we look at each individually they have a large variety of size, color and texture options and how we integrate them into an architectural precast wall panel is about as limitless as the color and texture options inherent in architectural concrete!


So if you are looking at a project where thin brick has been put on the table as a design option please reach out directly as Wells Concrete has a large team of account managers & sales consultants whose primary job function is to be available to help with all of your design assist needs!  Visit our website: to find someone in your neck of the woods!

Curt Gear
Dir. of Business Development