The Look of Parking Today

Posted on August 1, 2019 by Gary Pooley

Parking structures have long been part of our community. Some of the early precast parking structures used deep horizontal flat spandrels around the perimeter that sloped to follow the drainage of the parking deck.  Although very functional these structures were not thought of as architectural icons. One could easily recognize the structures by the horizontal striped look.  Many times these structures were built behind or in the shadows of the offices, hospitals, or community buildings they were made to support.

Today designers are utilizing the flexibility of precast concrete.  Architectural finishes and features of precast concrete can be used to create a look that not only compliments the surroundings, but has all the potential to become the focal point of the area.

Often these structures are so well matched to their surroundings it is not easy to identify them as what they actually are: buildings you park in. Designing beyond the traditional look of parking with precast can be a cost-effective way to achieve a custom look.

At Wells Concrete we are eager to take the look of parking to the next level.  Contact us with your ideas and we can help bring them to reality.

Gary Pooley
Regional Sales Manager