Posted on June 2, 2021

Steel and lumber prices got you down?

Scott Maclay, AIA, LEED® AP | Account Manager

In the Mountain States Region, Wells is seeing more and more funded projects being stalled, and in some cases stopped, by uncertain commodity pricing and an unpredictable supply chain.

With building material price volatility, Owners, Architects and Contractors are turning to Wells asking for solutions to help CONVERT designs to Precast Concrete Structures to minimize cost and schedule risk.

In our region Owners and Contractors have renewed interest in converting traditionally designed masonry or steel framed buildings into a Total Precast Solution (columns, beams, floors, roofs and facades) by using individual precast concrete members to build entire structures.


The main raw materials used for manufacturing precast concrete products are cement, aggregates and sand. Because these components are typically locally available and sourced, the volatility of energy pricing and crude oil, which are used for the production of and transportation of both steel and lumber, Wells has not seen the huge swings in pricing and product availability.

Not only do Wells Concrete’s structures greatly reduce construction schedules, but we also help control pricing fluctuations with local production facilities that directly support our regional economy – resulting in readily available precast concrete products with pricing certainty.

Precast concrete is a practical, FAST solution for almost every building type and Wells is committed to providing reasonably priced, durable, environmentally friendly precast concrete solutions.

Scott Maclay
Client Services

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