The Professional Development Hour Q&A

Posted on September 5, 2019 by Ben Dalsing

What is it?

A Professional Development Hour (PDH) is typically a short class, between one and eight hours. Also known as a Continuing Education Unit (CEU).

Who needs PDH?

Architects, Engineers, Land Surveyors, Landscape Architects, Geoscientists and Interior Designers (AELSLAGID). There are many other professions that require continuing education, but I will focus on construction.

Why do I need them?

First, PDHs are required to maintain licensure in our professions. Second, we need to remain current in knowledge and practices. There are always developments in research and procedures. We don’t stop learning after leaving formal education (high school or college). Most of us are not “going back to school,” so we need other ways to find what is new and changing. Learning something new will help you stay current with what is happening in your profession.

BenDalsingSept2019When do I need them by?

You will need your PDHs to renew your license by June 30th2020. Anytime is a good time to get a PDH.

How much do PDHs cost? 

The cost varies widely from free to many hundreds of dollars. You can find many 1-2 hour webinars or classes for free. I have also taken 8 hour classes that cost hundreds.

How many PDHs do I need?

If you are licensed through AELSLAGID you are required to have 24 hours every two years. Also, don’t forget about carry over; you can get an extra 12 hours before June 30th 2020 and use them for your 2022 renewal.

Where do I get them? 

I get most of my PDHs through Precast Concrete Institute (PCI) and Minnesota Concrete Council (MCC). If you are looking to learn about precast/prestressed concrete this link will show you what classes and tours Wells Concrete offers.

Leave a comment below if you have a favorite place to get PDHs or if you know of a free upcoming class or webinar.

Ben Dalsing
Plant Engineer