Precast in Parking Structures

Posted on December 22, 2016 by Art Macaw

Precast concrete is the perfect solution for parking structures.

We can design, supply and install the entire structure from the foundation up, providing the large structural components as well as virtually any level of architectural detail an owner or architect could want.OFW72_CentrepointParkade06

With the ability to provide complex architectural finishes, we can provide a look that will fit into almost any neighborhood, urban space, industrial location, or modern downtown environment.

All of the components are fabricated in a plant with controlled temperature and curing conditions, resulting in a highly durable structure with a very long life span.

With all of the components being fabricated off site, there is a minimum of disruption for the owner. In addition, by using high capacity cranes, we are able to fabricate very large pieces. This in turn lowers the total number of pieces in the structure, reduces the cost of installation, and compresses the schedule. In fact, we recently completed a 225,000 square foot parking structure in Winnipeg. Designing this project started on February 1, 2016 and the last piece was installed November 18, 2016. Precast concrete is fast, cost effective, and offers a long service life for parking structures.

Art Macaw
Sales, Canada