Posted on April 16, 2021

Your solution to the long span steel joist shortage

Nate Roscovius |

Ongoing pandemic-related disruptions in the supply chain of a range of construction materials are causing escalated costs and lengthy delivery times. A wide range of materials are experiencing delays, including lumber, steel joists, insulation, and stainless steel – which in turn is making long span joists more expensive and harder to obtain.

“The latest round of material price increases and availability concerns have only heightened our need to employ creative solutions to minimize these impacts.”
-Josh Lawrence, Vice President of Preconstruction / Chief Estimator at McCarthy Building Cos.

And Wells Concrete has a creative solution for you: double tees. Customers have been using double tees for decades in both building and parking applications, including parking decks, swimming pools, gymnasiums, industrial building walls, and heavy loadings for floors or roofs. Roofs in particular benefit from double tees in that they can easily provide long, clear spans for applications that require large, open areas.


You can learn more about all the different uses for double tees, including roofs, floors, and walls, by visiting our website.

One thing to keep in mind is that the longer the span you want, generally the deeper the tee will need to be. Below is a list of the standard tee depths as well as the expected maximum spans.

The depth and length of the double tees is directly affected by several things. From an engineering perspective, applied loads, mech loads, and drifting all paly into the depth and length of the tees.

  • 42” deep tees span to 100’ +
  • 32” deep tees span to 80’
  • 26” deep tees span to 70’-0”
  • 24” deep tees span to 60’-0”

Read more about the current steel shortage.

Nate Roscovius
Project Manager

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