Posted on March 10, 2021

Extreme Weather Solutions

Matt Everding |

Every year we expect to see some of the  most extreme cold weather temperatures.  With temperatures  ranging from 25 degrees to even -30 below, these conditions make a lot of things impossible to do - especially in the construction world.

While most of the construction world is shut down due to these extreme weather conditions, we are able to make prestressed product inside our climate-controlled facilities. This is just one of the many advantages of prestressed concrete construction. While most other building solutions move at a snail’s pace or stop altogether, we are able to continue to produce product for all of our customers - which does not come without some additional challenges, but can be overcome.



Being able to produce product in all types of weather conditions allows us to be more predictable with the construction of a project and help ensure the overall construction schedule stays on track. Two other benefits of being able to produce in a climate controlled environment are quality control and material performance. In our climate controlled facilities we are able to maintain the highest level of quality even when the conditions outside are not favorable.


We also do not have to worry about material performance limitations that other trades need to consider when weather turns for the worst outside and the steps/costs that are taken to have to limit the impact of these. Cold weather grouting, and cold weather welding are two key processes that have been restricted over the past few weeks.

Prestressed Concrete does not go completely unscathed during the cold temperatures. Although we can continue production during inopportune weather conditions, we typically do not erect our product when conditions get as harsh as they have been recently. This does not stop us, however, from continuing to produce projects in our plants, so when the weather switches over to ideal conditions, like the last ten days have been, we can make up any lost time by having product ready to go!

As the last several weeks of winter bear down on us, days become longer and the sun becomes more powerful with each day, the recent days of the past few weeks are a good reminder of why prestressed concrete is a great year round building solution.


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