Posted on May 14, 2021

Did You Know?

Rick Girard | Sales Representative


Did You Know….

Some structures are particularly susceptible to vibration from noise and crowd movements, these vibrations can be disturbing to people using the facility. Precast concrete can be used to dampen these vibrations due to its mass, which makes it the material of choice on projects like stadiums or concert venues.


Did You Know …

Precast Concrete is ACOUSTICALLY VERSATILE, precast can be formed in any shape, size, and texture, it can be designed to deflect or absorb sound. This makes it a good acoustic material for area’s requiring effective sound management, eliminating noise from floor to floor or room to room.


Did You Know ….

Microchips can be embedded in precast concrete to log data on movement or stress. Engineers then capture the data and monitor the performance of the structure over time.


Did You Know ….

Precast concrete has a characteristic called Thermal Mass, which allows the concrete to absorb and release energy in a more uniform pattern making the environment you are in more comfortable, and energy efficient.

Rick Girard

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