Posted on June 11, 2021

Coordinating electrical in Precast - Best Practices

Curt Gear | Business Development Director

One of the great things about architectural insulated precast panels is that they can incorporate all aspects of a standard wall in a single prefabricated assembly. This includes the structural load-bearing perimeter, exterior air and vapor barrier, insulation, and yes, many times electrical conduit for everything from outlets and light switches to lighting and egress signage. how all of these electrical assemblies are incorporated into precast is an elegant process that needs to be followed to ensure efficiency and perfection at the project site.

As with many things in construction, the level of coordination that is needed prior to the start of production can have a dramatic effect on the overall quality of a finished project. This is amplified in regards to casting in electrical assemblies in precast panels. These assemblies are cast into concrete, leaving no room for error! 

electrical conduit 4 electrical conduit 1

The best way to ensure overall successful electrical integration into your precast wall panel job is to create an open line of communication early and often between your electrical subcontractor and your building solution provider.

Wells has extensive expertise and experience in this area to support owners, designers, and engineers throughout the project. Visit our website: to locate someone in your area to help with all of your design needs!

Q: How early in the design process should I connect with a precast consultant?

A: As soon as possible!

Curt Gear

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