Best Value: the Low Price is not always the Right Price

Posted on September 23, 2020 by Scott Monzelowsky

When deciding on which precast subcontractor to use it is not only the low number that needs consideration, it is the overall best value provided by your precast subcontractor of choice. This methodology of thinking should start playing a role in the construction industry to ensure the owner is getting a project team that works well together to develop a successful project and provide the utmost value for everyone involved in a timely manner. In the end, the goal is for everyone involved to be proud of the successfully completed project.

There are several items to consider when making this educated decision:

  • Scott_92420-1What role did your subcontractor play in the upfront design assist or was there any value-added options offered during the design phase?
    Getting your precast subcontractor involved up front allows them to help the design team with an efficient cost effective layout along with color and texture pallets that work for all parties to achieve the overall design intent of the building in the end, all while keeping project budget in consideration. In-house structural design assistance helps with detailing to ensure work coincides with other trades and eliminates and gray areas during the bidding process.
  • What service will you receive during the construction process?
    Making sure your selected team is readily available during all phases of the project is important to ensure positive project flow and that questions are addressed in a timely manner. This would include commitment to the project schedule, hitting milestone dates, and having the commitment to do what you say.
  • What kind of quality can you expect?
    Quality is important and is ultimately the reflection of what we do in the precast industry. Make sure that your supplier has a checks and balance system put in place during fabrication ensures you are getting the best quality product before it even arrives to the site.

  • Does your subcontractor have a list of similar projects they can provide along with client feedback to verify the success of the previous projects form a third-party perspective?
    It is important to have a third party perspective from previous projects so the owner and project team have an idea of what to expect during their project. This information gives everyone a piece of mind knowing they are working with someone with a reparable past and it is highly encouraged that the owner and contractor request this information prior to picking a precast supplier.
  • Will your subcontractor stand behind its product in the end to ensure the building is completed to the owner’s satisfaction?
    An owner who is satisfied with the final outcome of their project is important to Wells Concrete and promotes the future use of precast in the industry using a distinguished supplier. The buildings once complete are a library of projects to be proud of. Having this commitment to the project even after the project is complete is a value add that is not always taken into consideration when selecting your team members, but is a very important component to take note of.

These are just several important items to consider when selecting a precast subcontractor and are all behind the scenes value added items that need consideration when selecting the right subcontractor for the project team.

Wells Concrete is always there to help in the design phase and appreciates when precast is the chosen building material on projects. We offer these design assist services up at no charge because we believe in what we are selling and are passionate with what we do. As a leader in the industry we want to make sure that everyone involved in the project is happy, excited, and proud with the new building they are about to occupy.

Scott Monzelowsky