Dan Stenzel

Dan Stenzel recently rejoined Wells Concrete’s preconstruction group in April of 2019. In this position, Dan is responsible for client relationships and precast design development. Dan’s vast understanding of construction materials and methods gives him the skillset needed to sit should-to-shoulder with Project Teams, to take napkin sketches to full contract documents. His ability to understand the Owner, Design Team, and Contractor’s needs while offering the most effective precast solutions makes him a valuable asset to any project team. Prior to rejoining Wells Concrete, Dan worked as a Project Manager for a large general contractor/construction management firm for five years. His wide perspective from experience as both a general contractor and subcontractor allows him to have a better understanding of the client’s needs and expectations for a high performing trade partner. Dan originally began his career at Wells Concrete in 2007 where he started out in the drafting and engineering department, and quickly made his way into the preconstruction group. His technical experience, commitment to client relationships, attention to detail, precast efficiencies, project budgeting, and scheduling gives him a valuable understanding of how to best support our clients.


Tackling Sustainability with Infinite Facade

Posted on April 1, 2021

Posted by Dan Stenzel

Today’s structures must be built to be sustainable, reduce operational and maintenance costs, last longer, and offer an iconic façade due to more... Read more »